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Image of Fire Engineer badges showing flaming hand.

Fire Engineer badges

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Lisa's Origami

Lisa's Origami. Picture of Lisa holding an origami rose (two piece)

My interest in Origami goes back to my Japanese roots, where paper folding is treated as a tradition. I have also been inspired by the work of western folders who have taken this tradition in other directions.

Issues off The Journal of the Fire Engineer features a number of origami models from basic to advanced.

My one important piece of advice is not to expect to make a model perfectly at first. The first time you learn the folds, the second time you make art!

A good book for beginners is 'Teach yourself Origami' by Robert Harbin.

Origami featured in the above picture is the Kawasaki rose with leaf holder created by Rikki Donachie.

Photo of origami models of Dancing Angel fire fighting aircraft.

Issue 1 of the Journal of The Fire Engineer includes a series of simpler model to help a beginner build up to the more complicated free models of the Fire Engineers world presented free in each issue of the Journal.

An origami model of the Fire Enginees fire fighting craft, the Dancing Angel featured in issue 1.

Diagrams in The Journal of the Fire Engineer issue 1

Photo of origami fire engineer figure

An origami Fire Engineer figure featured in issue 2

Diagrams in The Journal of the Fire Engineer issue 2