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Fire Safety Kit

image of fire safety kit cover - has illustration of flame.



Lisa Yashioko

Illustration of Lisa in control room, she is sitting at a console with a large screen in front of her and various radout screens are seen to her left.

Following her Fathers death, Lisa Yashioko continued his research into advanced fire fighting techniques, applying this to equipment for the Fire Engineer and Firefly. One area of the research uses a branch of nano technology to effectively compress the perceived space in which objects are contained; enabling for example, gallons of water to occupy a small tank attached to a belt.

Lisa is based mainly in the Fire Engineers HQ and is in constant contact with The Fire Engineer during his missions.

Lisa is also a Professional Fire Engineer who is employed by a local Building Control Department in the UK to give advice on the acceptability of new or altered buildings.

Lisa has a keen interest in Origam, the Japanese art of paper folding. Visit Lisa's Origami Page

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