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Journal Issue 1

Picture of issue 1 cover showing close p of fire engineers face with world trade centre reflected in his transparent helmet

That Fateful Day

Journal Issue 2

icon for journal issue 2.

The Dark Secret Part 1

Journal Issue 3

Cover issue 3 pic of fire engineer standing in front of burning house

The Dark Secret Part 2

Fire Safety Kit

Image of Fire Safety Kit cover - has illustration of flame.


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Home page

Illustration of the fire engineer, firefly and the main adversoarys of the team, fleame smoke and flashover, flame and smoke in corporial form.

The Fire Engineer and his team battle the most ancient and powerful elemantal force known to man.

In the Fire Engineer's world the elements of fire appear to have corporeal form, or is this just a figment of the Fire Engineer's own madness?

The adventures of the Fire Engineer - Available in a series of Journals freely available.

Fire Safty tips - On this site explore the Fire Enginers world and learn how you can protect yourself against the threat of fire.

A fire safety kit - Can be downloaded to help you ensure your home is safe.

History of fire - Learn about the fires in the past which have influenced how we deal with fire today.

Quiz - Once you have read the informatoon on this site, you can test yourself with the Fire Engineers quiz. If you are sucessfull you will be given the opertunity to print a certificate.

Behind the scenes - Learn the background behind how the Fire Engineer was created in the Fire Engineers Newsletter.

Fire Lab - Discover how fire grows by using the interactive fire lab.

And more - Use the index to exlore all content of this site.

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