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image of fire engineer t shirt - fire engineer is shown leaping with a flame and smoke in background on a white t shirt.

Fire Engineer T Shirt

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The Fire Engineer

the fire engineer in action pose with plasma shield

As a young man, ex fire-fighter Steven Morrow made a pledge on his sisters grave to destroy the forces of Conflagration (flame, smoke, and flashover). Whilst serving with the Fire Brigade he became victim of a genetic agent in a factory fire. This has given him the ability to become genetically adaptive to extremes of environment such as the ability to resist extreme temperatures without harm and 'see' through smoke.

Illustration of fire engineer head and shoulders

Available to him is a range of technologically advanced weapons, developed by is colleague Lisa Yashioko. The Fire Engineer is armed with a plasma shield and helmet, which can repel varying intensities of heat. A pressurised wrist mounted extinguishing device can discharge water, carbon dioxide and granular mix for direct attack. He also carries backdraft grenades, able to cause oxygen depletion to the area deployed.