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Journal Issue 2

Cover of Issue 2 of the fire engineers journal showing the fire engineer and firefly full figures in smoke with a flaming background

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The Fire Engineer Journal Issue 2 The Dark Secret

The Secret - Although much of her life has seemed in turmoil, Sally finally felt at home. Becoming part of the Fire Engineer's team had given her a sense of purpose, a feeling that she could make a difference, until she dicovered the room. Not even Lisa had mentioned it, she discovered it by accident wandering one evening in the lower levels of the Fire Engineer's complex. there she discovered a secret.

A secret so dark that she would never be able to see the Fire Engineer in the same light again.

The coming of the Old ones - Anthony Valantine was not happy with the world, or to be more precise, not happy with the way mankind treated it. He longed for a world where the old ways manifested themselves and a respect and vertual woship of natures true order was practiced and understood. A chance meeting with a woman of similar passions made him realise that he was not alone with these thoughts and also was not entirely powerless. For the Ancient ones had not entirely dissappeared from the world and he may be able to assist in their return.