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Journal Issue 1

Picture of issue 1 cover showing close p of fire engineers face with world trade centre reflected in his transparent helmet

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The Fire Engineers Journal Issue 1 - That Fateful Day

9/11 - He felt guilty about those he knew he could not save, and he damned those who had perpetrated this act for making him feel that way.

Sally - The only solution to her pain is to eradicate the problem. If she torched the building he will not be able to hurt her anymore.

The Fire Engineer - A genetically modified human with the ability for adaptive protection to the affects of fire.

'You do realise that setting fire to a building is an offence?'

Sally - 'An offence! Oh, is it really? So I suppose you've dressed up in that costume to help protect the innocent; defend truth, justice and the American way? Is that what you do? Well mister goody two shoes, do you want me to tell you about justice in this country?'

The World Trade Centre - 'We're talking superheat with the energy output of a commercial power station from each of these two buildings.'

Lisa Yashioko - A scientist and a professional fire engineer, 'Steven, my equipment was never designed for situations like this. I can't even predict what kind of exposure level you can go to, and we're not equipped to do large evacuations!'

The Fire Engineer - 'So what am I supposed to do? Sit here and do nothing?'

The Rescue - 'Hey, you can come back for them later, get us out of here. If you don't, I'll sue you for putting my life in danger - leaving me in a burning building. I'll finish you.'

The Darkness - At that moment the figure shifted and now a larger shape emerged from the flame, a more powerful frame, a humanoid form rippling with eddies of smoke and fire, and a voice entered the Fire Engineer's mind.

'Know that we have returned, and know that this room is MINE!'

'Hit your shield!' the Fire Engineer shouted from the room. The flashover erupted. The Fire Engineer could not get out.